Etekcity® Scroll Alpha High Precision 8200 DPI Wired USB Laser Gaming Mouse for PC, 8 Programmable Buttons, 5 User Profiles, Omron Micro Switches

Gamers unite!
The Scroll Alpha by Etekcity is our top-of-the-line gaming mouse,designed for no-compromise gamers who crave increased control and accuracy. With six levels of adjustable DPI sensitivity and ability to customize each button’s function and create your own macro functions, the Scroll Alpha will be your personlized weapon of choice.

Premium quality

The high level of performance offered by the Scroll Alpha gaming mouse comes from the Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor, which supports up to 8200 DPI sensitivity to give you a competitive edge and offers dramatic improvements in high speed motion detection-up to 150 IPS and 30G acceleration. Alpha is also built with Omron micro-switches to offer crisp tactile button feedback and is ergonomically designed for right or left-handed users.The DPI sensitivity is indicated by the mouse lighting color and supporting 200 DPI stepping adjustment.8 precisely-placed programmable buttons can be set to the function that greatly meet your needs.


Button lifetime: 5 million clicks

Operating power: 5V 100mA

Cable length: 5ft

Interface: USB 2.0/3.0

OS compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Package Includes
1x Etekcity Scroll Alpha Gaming Mouse

1x Customizing CD

1x User’s Manual

12-Month Warranty,except for false operation or human damage.

$ 24.99


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    Great mouse, great price, November 22, 2013
    K. Suarez (Victoria, TX) –
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I was skeptical of this mouse because of the low price. I took a chance on it and I am extremely pleased. This isn’t just a good mouse for the price, but a good mouse period. I like for the mouse to be a little bigger – I find that small mice (i.e. portable laptop style) make my fingers and hand ache after long periods of use. This mouse is a good size and I feel like I’m simply resting my hand on top of it. The ergonomic design is a positive as well. I have never used an ergonomic mouse, always opting for the standard shape. It didn’t take long to get used to and I feel like I have better control over the pointer. The location of the wheel and side buttons are very good, but the additional 3rd and 4th buttons below the wheel are a little tricky to press. Not really an issue for me, but some gamers may want to consider this. Lastly, set up was easy – simple plug and play. It comes with some software that allows you to edit what the buttons do, but I have no real need for it. 5/5 stars. Highly recommended!


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    Awesome Piece of Hardware, Had Some Issues With the Software, September 16, 2014
    This review is from: Etekcity® Scroll Alpha High Precision 8200 DPI Wired USB Laser Gaming Mouse for PC, 8 Programmable Buttons, 5 User Profiles, Omron Micro Switches (Personal Computers)
    First of all this is a fantastic gaming mouse for the price. Once I got all things squared away and up and running, things have been working very smoothly.
    Please note, this is a review that is coming from a person who frequents FPS games (Team Fortress 2, Bioshock, Far Cry 3, etc.)

    About the mouse:
    Ascetically, it is very pleasing. With the six different color options, having the logo lit up on the back, “ribs” lit up on the side, and a braided cable, it makes for a very handsome look.

    To me this mouse is bigger in person than it looks in the pictures. The dimensions in metric are H 44mm, W 80mm L 140mm. I have rather large hands, but it fills the hand nicely.

    The buttons work very nicely. The main ones (M1/M2) have very good resistance and response for me. You just gotta find that sweet spot where you finger’s directly over the actual mouse button underneath.
    The side buttons also have a good response to them however the ones opposite to you will be difficult to reach unless you assume a “claw” style grip.
    It should also be noted that all four side buttons are very light – it doesn’t take much effort to press them. When I reach for this mouse, I find I accidentally press the side buttons causing my current webpage to change.
    The mouse wheel is not free-spinning (which for me, is almost necessary), but each individual “clicks” in spinning the wheel up or down are rather light. To me this isn’t really a pro or a con, but I thought I’d point that out as well.

    The stock DPI switcher cannot move the DPI up or down. It just cycles through the DPI settings and colors.
    You can, however, remap the side buttons in the provided software so that you can move the DPI up or down. The way I have it set up is having the DPI up/down on the side buttons opposite to me (replacing the volume up/down buttons).
    My DPI settings are 600, 1400, 2000, 2400, 3000, 4000 if anyone’s interested. Really though, I only use the 600, 1400, and sometimes 2000 as an FPS gamer.

    Durability of this mouse feels adequate. It’s not a weighty mouse, but doesn’t feel cheap by any means.
    This piece of hardware has to survive the Caleb Rage Test. I, like many gamers, can get frustrated when things don’t go my way in a game. Specifically in multiplayer. So there will be those brief moments of rage where I pick my mouse up and slam it back down on the mouse mat out of frustration. I have even broken mice when doing this. This is why I have some reservations on purchasing a $80+ gaming mouse.
    So far, it’s survived and is working perfectly.

    About the software:
    I had difficulties using the software because after the initial installation and application launching, the software wouldn’t apply any additional changes made to the profile unless I re-installed it and launched it from the installation wizard.

    Not a terribly large problem for PC gamers in general because you can typically re-map keys in each individual game’s settings and once I got everything fine-tuned DPI-wise I found that I didn’t have to wrestle with the software again.
    I am running Windows 7 and if anyone has a solution for this, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Hopefully they release a patch for the software sometime soon to remedy it’s problems.

    Now, when the software does function properly, here’s what you can do.
    You can change the six individual DPI settings, and you can also remove some of them from the cycle if need be.
    DPI does not have to be ascending/descending.

    You will also have the option to assign one of many different functions to every button (yes, even up/down on the scroll wheel and the DPI switch) including things like: launching specific programs, skipping forward/backward on music tracks, selecting mouse profiles, and many more in addition to your standard volume up/down & internet forward/back buttons.

    You can also record macros and assign them to any of the buttons.
    It should be noted that you cannot record mouse clicks in the macros! Plus, the number of keystrokes you can have in a single macro is limited to 10. I personally don’t use the macro function of the software, but it’s a nice thing to have.

    This is a great budget gaming mouse. Now, don’t purchase this and expect something like a Razer Naga. You gotta remember the price point here. If you want a Razer Naga, then prepare to pony up an extra $40.
    While wrestling with the software was a pain, it’s a pain that I don’t have to relive now that I’ve got all of my DPI settings and button mapping squared away.
    Keeping the great price in mind, it’s a fantastic looking mouse that screams “gamer!” which also possesses versatile functionality with the extra buttons and the ability to re-map them either in the provided software or in-game.


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    Comfy Mouse with Bright Blue Light for Both Left/Right Hander, October 30, 2014

    Customer Video Review Length:: 3:38 Mins

    For most of my time as a pc user, I’ve only been using simple stock mouse. I decided to upgrade and try something a little advance at an affordable price. When first using the Scroll S200, it felt taller and wider than what I’m used to, but after a short session, my hand adjusted and it felt very natural. All the buttons are right where they should be with immediate feedback, no lag. I use it mainly for work (8hrs) and some light gaming (1hr) on both PC and laptop. Some of the newer function that I don’t get from a stock mouse has surprisingly increased my productivity.

    Why I give 5 stars:
    + Comfortable in hand: The shape of the mouse fits very well in my hand, especially with its symmetrical design, it just feels right. Took me 5 minutes or so to adjust and now I refuse to switch back to my old stock mouse.
    + DPI Control: I usually keep it at 1000dpi on laptop and 1600dpi on PC due to the screen size difference and switching between both is easy to adaptable. But sometimes, when working on different programs/tasks, it is convenient to be able to adjust the speed of the cursor with a touch of a button.
    + Forward/Backward Side Button: In the beginning I wasn’t used to using these buttons, but once I started using them, I realize how convenient these buttons are and wonder why these are not made standard on ALL mouses…
    + Bright Blue Light: Almost like a neon blue, looks awesome, even during the day or in a lighted room, this thing will shine.
    + Fully plastic exterior: Sometimes the rubberized ones are hard to clean and it gets sticky during warmer days. I have no worries about this one.

    Very good mouse for the price with lots of features that doesn’t come with from a stock mouse, which can enhance your productivity and at the same time looking incredibly stunning with the impressive blue light. Loving it so far!!


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