child hood game to online games

Do you remember the first games you’ve played as a kid? We all played games that are social, like hiding and seek and tag, and other imaginary games that we loved to create with our friends, many types of puzzle games and card games. Kids of every generation are well aware of these types of games, and we all have tried and enjoyed playing at least one of these social games as kids, but these days, as we grow up, we get introduced to the digital world, and these days, younger kids are getting slowly introduced to it from a younger age from the last generation! Basically, a lot of kids these days are very aware of online games, and the more they grow up the more types of games they become aware of! This phenomenon has bad sides, as well as really good sides, and today we will discuss them.

What games are out there?

For kids, we have to check the websites they are visiting, making sure they will not click on a game that’s not for their target demographic, but when kids become teens, we can’t control all their actions, so the best solution is to have a talk with them about what they are consuming if it’s a game, a show or a movie!

There are many games around the internet, online games, online bingo games, story-based games, dress up games, even some puzzle games that got translated into a digital games, fighting games and many more. As kids, we are curious, trying new things all the time until we find our personal favourite! If your child is enjoying a specific game, it can become a passion, and that same child might become skilful and would be interested in pursuing gaming as a career, you should always let your kid explore their hobbies and try new things all the time! A lot of good things can come out of online games. These days, there are many ways to get rich and famous, almost out of everything, and that is why you have to let your kid be online since so many companies are searching these days for people who are well aware of how computers work. But when kids are kids, let them enjoy themselves, they don’t need to be professionals at anything. 

Childhood games 

Many people stopped playing childhood games when they found out how to use Google since there are so many different and interesting options to how to spend your time online! But we should let kids play social games too! Interacting with other kids from a young age is extremely important as well as valuable, a kid who will stay isolated will have communism problems later in life, which could have been solved if they had more experience with people their age from their growing up years. You have to sometimes force your kid out, let them interact with people and get out of their comfort zone, as much as they allow, some kids are naturally more open, and will immediately enjoy social games more than online games, which is amazing as well, but some kids are more anxious and scared to be around a lot of people, and you should check how to support your kid when they are scared, and afraid to meet friends their age.

So when did this switch start? Digital games for sure became popular when arcades started to get opened, many people, as well as teens and kids, learned about video games, and when it got so popular, companies started making these same games fit your home, and kids slowly opened up to this idea, even until today. Some arcades can even be a social hangout to go with your friends!

Now we discussed the different pros and cons for this change in , inset, kids these days like online games, but that shouldn’t be the only games they are playing, let them decide how they want to spend their time, and help the newer generations become free to choose and be aware of an era without digital equipment in it, these days, we forget that digital things weren’t always there for us, and we have to use it carefully, and mindfully, not to get fully addicted, balancing ourselves within these worlds, and although difficult, it can also be fun, so much more options of how to live your lives and how to be pursuing your dreams and letting your loved ones do the same, their way.