Pokémon Bank update gives you a multi-game Pokédex

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‘Ghost in the Shell’ teasers offer a glitchy look at the Major

Canon’s EOS M5 is a mirrorless camera with a DSLR feel

Dell’s updated XPS 13 includes a ‘rose gold’ model

PS4 Pro will take UHD screenshots and broadcast 1080p video

‘Star Trek Online’ launches for free on consoles

FreedomPop’s free unlimited WhatsApp SIM comes to the UK

TomTom’s new fitness tracker can analyze your body composition

PlayStation Now is coming to PC tomorrow in the UK

HP built a privacy screen into its EliteBook laptops

Yes, ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ will have a sequel

Gene editing helps spot evolutionary link between fins and hands

McDonald’s pulls plug on Happy Meal activity trackers

Judge tosses lawsuit filed against Twitter over ISIS activity

Three’s Feel at Home roaming will soon cover most of Europe

NASA maps the thawed parts of the Greenland ice sheet

Pepper the robot is ready to greet the great American public

Little King’s Story HD remaster is coming to PC next week

The Uncharted movie has a new screenwriter

Study identifies two new carcinogens in e-cigarette vapor

BigScreen adds audio sharing to fulfill its ‘Virtual LAN’ promise

PlayStation Plus’ August freebies unveiled

Life is Strange is getting a live-action series

Nightdive Studios’ ‘System Shock’ remake is coming to PS4

New imaging method reveals how Alzheimer’s reshapes the brain

Dragon Quest Builders cements UK release date